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Getting Down to the Wire in College Football

Another week, another set of rankings and it’s getting down to the wire with only a few games left until the final rankings. After so many top-25 teams lost to other teams in the Top 25, the College Football Playoff … Continue reading

PAC-12 Game-by-Game Analysis of the Tournament

The bracketeers sure were kind to the PAC-12 this March, selecting six teams from the conference.  This is great news for the PAC-12, as they try to prove they are more than a football conference to the nation’s audience. The … Continue reading

College Football Party Host and Hangover

College Football Party : The Host and The Hangover   The Host – Nebraska Cornhuskers   This week, that was undoubtedly the Nebraska Cornhuskers. It was an emotional week leading up to the battle between two top-25 teams in Nebraska … Continue reading