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NHL:The Coyotes unique ownership


The Coyotes owners hit the Twittersphere.


Attention Coyotes fans, although you haven’t seen the best hockey lately your attention should be focused on how unique your situation is. Where else in the world do the owners of the team take to twitter to hear the voices of the fans? Aside from Mark Cuban, (Dallas Mavericks Owner) who is arguably one of the most social owners, I haven’t seen anything like this.

I would call myself a bit of a social media expert, and this morning Co-Owner, Chairman, and Governor, George Gosbee took to twitter to address an unhappy fan base in a unique way. After a magical start to the season, the Coyotes have fallen off significantly in the last two months and all you need to do is search #Coyotes or #SmithsFault on Twitter and you can find a list of complaints.  This morning, Gosbee addressed the fan base via Twitter asking for comments and feedback (see tweets below)

George Gosbee ‏@Goz100 

“If you tweet about the @phoenixcoyotes, RT @GOZ100 & I will follow you. More comments to me, better informed the team is. #Believe

George Gosbee ‏@Goz100

“$ not an issue. We believe in team we acquired. Best guys in the NHL. Keep the faith Coyotes Nation. #CommittedOwners #EvenHungrierThenEver


Now, the owners being invested in their team is nothing new to the fans, but, actually interacting with the fans via social media, doesn’t happen often.  Gosbee, along with the entire ownership team are seen interacting with fans at tailgates, talking hockey, and are always very friendly and approachable at the games. The entire Ice Arizona group is very dedicated to the fan base and this is just another distinctive way this group of guys is going about making this a stronger and happier franchise.


My two cents; give the team some time, Rome wasn’t built over night. There are things  that need fixing, all companies need fixing.  But, this is month six of ownership…give it time, good things are coming.

Paige Dimakos

Paige Dimakos

Paige Dimakos is die hard Chicago sports fan. Born and raised in Chi-town, being a sports fan only comes natural. Her favorite team to follow is the Blackhawks, but she also loves the Cubs, Bears, and Bulls. She fell in love with sports from a young age, spending most of Sundays at Soldier Field, and watching the glory days of Michael Jordan. She spent her last few years in Nebraska for school, where she fell for college sports. Her favorite food is Greek, because her family is Greek and she loves baklava. In her spare you can find her hiking Camelback Mountain, shopping at Whole Foods or cooking a good meal. You can follow Paige on twitter @The_SportsPaige