What is Arena Football?

This is the first in a series of articles on the Arizona Rattlers; Arizona’s Arena Football team. Visit this site regularly for more on the Rattlers, including the history of the team, current season and fun facts about individual players.

Here is some basic information regarding Arena football. Some people call it rock and roll football; others call it football played in a basketball or hockey arena. I call it a modified version of American football designed to be played in an arena. The game is fast-paced and high-scoring. Arena Football is played on a 50-yard long field with 8-yard long end zones. The game has padded walls which encircle the field. The walls are very popular for the fans because fans are seated close to the walls so they feel like they are right in the middle of live play. Arena football also features two huge “bounce off” nets at each end of the field. The ball can be thrown or kicked off of the nets and it remains live. The field-goal uprights are only 9 feet wide. Compared to NFL goals which are 18.5 wide.

There are only eight players per team on the field at one time. Offensive players are allowed to go in motion vertically, giving them a running start on pass routes. This helps to increase scoring.

Scoring is basically the same as in the NFL. One difference is that the clock in Arena Football runs continuously throughout most of the game. It only stops after a first down with less than a minute to play in each half. There is also a 1-minute warning, instead of a 2-minute warning. Punts are not allowed. Field goals can be attempted from anywhere on the field. The longest possible attempted field goal is 64 yards. A missed field goal (i.e., which may bounce back into play off the net) is still considered in play.

If you are looking for an exciting activity for the whole family; then go to an Arizona Rattlers football game. You will definitely enjoy yourself. Once you’re bitten by this Rattler, you’ll want more and more! I know I did. Call 602.514 TDTD (8383) or visit azrattlers.com for a schedule. Tickets start at just $11.00. The AZ Rattlers play home games at US Airways Arena and the regular season starts in March and goes until the middle of July. I hope to see you at an upcoming AZ Rattlers game.

Jim Marshall

Jim Marshall

I have lived in Phoenix for over 45+ years. I am an avid baseball, basketball, football and hockey fan. My favorite teams are the local professional sports teams yes even the Phx Mercury, as well as THE Arizona State Sun Devils. My favorite sport is baseball. I am a collector of baseball memorabilia. My favorite athlete of all time is Baseball Hall of Fame member Harmon Killebrew. I enjoy attending live sporting events and I am a season ticket holder for the Arizona Cardinals. I enjoy traveling the state of Arizona with my lovely wife Patti.

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