MLB: AZ Diamondbacks Search for a GM

It has been a long and trying season for everyone associated with the Arizona Diamondbacks and when the season ends September 28th the organization will be looking for a new beginning. The season began with starter, Patrick Corbin, and set-up … Continue reading

MLB: AZ Diamondbacks Pitcher Vidal Nuño

Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher Vidal Nuño continues to receive little help from the Diamondbacks’ offense, as he lost yet another quality start, 2-1, to the Dodgers last week. He made it through seven innings for the fourth start in a row, … Continue reading

MLB: AZ Diamondbacks Six Man Rotation

On September 1st MLB rosters can be expanded to 40. Any player that is currently on the 40 man roster can play for a big league club. Teams that are out of the race, like the AZ Diamondbacks, are looking … Continue reading

MLB: The AZ Diamondbacks Wait for Daniel Hudson’s Return

When the AZ Diamondbacks expand their roster to 40 players on September 1st we might see a player who has not played in an MLB game since the early part of the 2012 season. It is possible that pitcher Daniel … Continue reading

MLB: AZ Diamondbacks Begin Evaluating Players

  With a playoff berth out of reach this year for the AZ Diamondbacks, the front office has shifted its sights to fielding a roster for 2015. As of this posting there are 46 games left and this final stretch … Continue reading

MLB: A Different Look for the AZ Diamondbacks

The July 31st trade deadline has come and gone and it was one of the busiest deadlines baseball fans have seen in a long time with several big name players going to contending teams. For the AZ Diamondbacks we saw … Continue reading

MLB: NL West First Half Recap and Second Half Preview

The National League West will be a two-team battle heading down the stretch in 2014 as three of my five preseason predictions in the division are still in tact. Check out the 1st half recap and 2nd half preview for … Continue reading

MLB: 2ND Half Pitching for the AZ Diamondbacks

In my last article I wrote that the Diamondbacks coaches and front-office have an immediate task for the second half of the season; that is to evaluate the players on their roster for possible movement. This article I will take … Continue reading

MLB: A Busy 2nd half of the Baseball Season for the Diamondbacks

The Diamondbacks coaches and front-office have an immediate task for the second half of the season. That is to evaluate the players on the roster and with all the injuries that this team has encountered, this has become an even … Continue reading

MLB: AZ Diamondbacks to be Sellers

  We all know that the Arizona Diamondbacks’ 2014 season has been a major disappointment to everyone in the organization, as well as their fans. They have struggled through most of this season with poor starting pitching, un-predictable relief pitching … Continue reading