NHL: Thursday Picks

Some huge playoff implications Thursday night in the NHL, with a little more than half the league in action, with 16 clubs hitting the ice. Lets take a look! 1) Calgary Flames at Boston Bruins Predicted Winner: Bruins 2) St. … Continue reading

NHL: Wednesday Picks

Hump day has arrived and the schedule is light in the NHL with only 8 clubs in action. Lets take a look. 1) Ottawa Senators at Winnipeg Jets Predicted Winner: Senators 2) New York Rangers at Detroit Red Wings Predicted … Continue reading

NHL: Tuesday Picks

A fairly busy Tuesday night in the NHL with 20 teams in action. The playoff chase is in full swing. Lets take a look. 1) Nashville Predators at New Jersey Devils Predicted Winner: Predators  2) Calgary Flames at Philadelphia Flyers … Continue reading

02/28/2015 Real Hockey Talk

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NHL: Sunday Picks and Tidbits

Sunday is like Christmas Eve for Hockey fans. With the NHL trade deadline a little more than 24 hours away as of this writing, the rumor mill is in full swing. We’ve already seen many of the bigger names moved, … Continue reading

NHL: Trade Deadline-Seller’s Market?

The week leading up to the NHL trade deadline and deadline day is like Christmas time for hockey fans. Whether your team is in contention for a playoff spot, a Stanley Cup contender looking to get that extra piece or … Continue reading

NHL: Thursday Picks

A fairly busy Thursday night is ahead in the National Hockey League, with just over half of the league in action, with 18 teams hitting the ice. Wednesday only featured 3 games and 6 teams yet was an exciting day … Continue reading

NHL: Daily Picks

A very light schedule Wednesday night in the NHL. Lets take a look! Just five more days until the trade deadline! The excitement of the deadline and playoff races are in full swing! 1) Calgary Flames at New Jersey Devils … Continue reading

NHL: News & Notes

With the NHL Trade Deadline coming up in less than a week on March 2, all the rumors and rumblings continue to pick up. Lets take a look at some headlines from Tuesday. Early Tuesday, a pair of young forwards … Continue reading

NHL: Daily Picks

1) Vancouver Canucks at Boston Bruins Predicted Winner: Bruins 2) Arizona Coyotes at New York Islanders Predicted Winner: Islanders 3) Calgary Flames at New York Rangers Predicted Winner: Rangers 4) Philadelphia Flyers at Carolina Hurricanes Predicted Winner: Flyers 5) Buffalo … Continue reading