Winners & Losers of the MLB Offseason

The MLB has been crazy the past week with big trades with some big names involved. However, trades are not always good. There are always winners and losers when trades are involved, so here they are.


The Boston Red Sox have been the most active team moving and trading players around, that is why they are arguably the biggest winners this offseason. During the regular season the Red Sox traded pitcher Jon Lester for Oakland’s big-bat outfielder Yoenis Cespedes. But over the past few days they traded him for one of Detroit’s aces, Rick Porcello. Although Cespedes has one of the best arms in the outfield and can knock baseballs out of the park, they brought in two more big hitters, former Dodger’s outfielder Hanley Ramirez and gold-glove winner world series champion Pablo ‘Panda’ Sandoval. As the Red Sox won the World Series two years ago and did not make the playoffs the following season, look for them to be a force in 2015.

Another winner is the Chicago Cubs. The Cubs have not have a winning record since 2009 and it seemed like the only bright side to last year was the upcoming of young Anthony Rizzo. Needless to say it is time for the organization to make some changes. What has really been hurting them is their lack of depth in their pitching lineup, but recently agreeing to a six-year contract with Jon Lester they continue to take the proper steps to get better. Also getting all-star Diamondback catcher Miguel Montero and only losing two right-handed pitchers for him, the pros definitely outweigh the cons for the Cubs.

The Seattle Mariners barely missed the postseason last year and seemed to be missing one piece to their puzzle. They believe that they might have found that piece after signing last year’s home-run leader Nelson Cruz (40 home-runs) to a four-year deal. They also will keep their third baseman Kyle Seager as they signed him to a seven-year deal with 25 home-runs, 96 RBIs and 71 runs last year

The Minnesota Twins will try to relive the past as they brought back outfielder Tori Hunter from the Detroit Tigers. They are another team that looks to improve their pitching talent that their bullpen needed last year. That is why they brought in Ervin Santana who won 14 games last year and threw a ERA of 3.95. Although he is not the greatest pick up, Santana fits their budget and is one of their better options they have for now.


The Los Angeles Dodgers seem to be giving away more than they are getting back as they have traded some of their most dynamic players. They traded Matt Kemp who had 25 home-runs, 89 RBIs and a .287 batting average and speedy second baseman Dee Gordon who had 91 runs, 12 triples (most in the league) and a league leading 64 stolen bases. They did get some players in return such as Angel’s second baseman Howie Kendrick and Phillie’s shortstop Jimmy Rollins. Both players are great, but both are getting older as Rollins will be 36 soon and Kendrick is 30 right now. With the big name players that they are trading away and with the abundance of money that they have, it seems they could have brought more talent to their table.

The Oakland Athletics are probably the biggest losers this offseason as they have traded away some big names in their pitching core. In the middle of last year’s regular season the Athletics acquired left handed pitcher Jon Lester but recently lost him to free agency, then they went and traded three right-handed pitchers: Austin House, Jeff Samardzija and Michael Ynoa. The A’s have been busy trying to reconstruct their infield by making a huge trade with the Chicago White Sox and getting catcher Josh Phegley, shortstop Marcus Semein and first baseman Rangel Ravelo to replace Brandon Moss who was traded to the Indians for second baseman Joe Wendle. With a depleted pitching lineup and a brand new infield it will be an interesting season for the new Oakland team.

With all of the big changes made in the MLB it will be exciting to see some different faces on new teams and to see how big of an impact they can make.


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Troy Lynch

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