What is healthy?



I know people who look great, yet they are miserable. They exercise religiously, eat perfectly, they look amazing, yet they fight anxiety, depression, and mood swings.  The quest for perfection leaves little time to cultivate relationships.  Life is superficial.

I also know people who drink like fish, smoke like chimneys, and laugh like Santa. They brighten every room they walk into. They love people and people love them. They will go to the ends of the earth for their friends and their life is full.

Who has a better quality of life, do you suppose??

Most of us fall somewhere in between. Our intentions are good to eat right, hit the gym, and honor our responsibilities, but we just aren’t perfect.

I have never been more certain that fitness, health, and wellness begin with a state of mind.  How we feel about ourselves, and thus others, defines the true measure of health.

If you like yourself, then you like other people, and other people like you. You are healthy.

If you allow yourself to skip the gym to meet up with a friend you haven’t seen in a long time, eat rich food and drink a cocktail, and leave your meeting with a long hug and a promise not to let so much time pass. You are healthy.

If you have 100 things on your to do list, yet understand your priorities, you are healthy.

Life is about balance, and wellness is a reflection of your life. Take good care of yourself so you can be around to enjoy it…counting your blessings along the way!

Workout, eat healthy, be thankful, and work some fun into your life!

The airbrushed models in the magazines aren’t any more fit than you are upstairs… where it counts.