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Getting Down to the Wire in College Football

Another week, another set of rankings and it’s getting down to the wire with only a few games left until the final rankings. After so many top-25 teams lost to other teams in the Top 25, the College Football Playoff … Continue reading

NCAA: Wildcats look to carry momentum into Elite Eight

The Arizona Wildcats have handled the pressure of being a number one seed quite well in the first two rounds of the NCAA tournament. With impressive wins over Weber State and Gonzaga, the Wildcats are heading to the Sweet Sixteen … Continue reading

PAC-12 Game-by-Game Analysis of the Tournament

The bracketeers sure were kind to the PAC-12 this March, selecting six teams from the conference.  This is great news for the PAC-12, as they try to prove they are more than a football conference to the nation’s audience. The … Continue reading

NCAA Bracketology

It’s March Madness: the time of year where everyone is an expert…until the first game is played. In terms of upsets, this year’s bracket, like most years, honestly does not have many surprises.  While we all know there should be … Continue reading