2015 NFL Season Outlook & Predictions

We are a day away from there being NFL action.


We’ve had quite the eventful offseason, but if you’re still around it means you’ve outlasted the nonsensical discussions over deflated footballs, survived the slow-crawling preseason, have concluded your fantasy drafts, and have reached the main attraction of the show.

The 2015 season is certainly set to provide us a compelling year, with plenty of questions that remain to be answered. Here’s a look at my best attempts at predicting each team’s win/loss ceiling and floor, along with postseason awards and playoff results.

2015 NFL Predictions

 AFC North

Baltimore Ravens – Ceiling: 11-5; Floor: 9-7

Pittsburgh Steelers – Ceiling: 11-5; Floor: 8-8

Cincinnati Bengals – Ceiling: 12-4; Floor: 9-7

Cleveland Browns – Ceiling: 7-9; Floor: 5-11

 AFC East

New England Patriots – Ceiling: 13-3; Floor: 11-5

Miami Dolphins – Ceiling: 11-5; Floor: 9-7

New York Jets – Ceiling: 9-7; Floor: 6-10

Buffalo Bills – Ceiling: 6-10; Floor: 4-12

 AFC South

Indianapolis Colts – Ceiling: 12-4; Floor: 10-6

Houston Texans – Ceiling: 9-7; Floor: 7-9

Jacksonville Jaguars – Ceiling: 6-10; Floor: 3-13

Tennessee Titans – Ceiling: 5-11; Floor: 2-14

 AFC West

Denver Broncos – Ceiling: 12-4; Floor: 10-6

San Diego Chargers – Ceiling: 11-5; Floor: 9-7

Kansas City Chiefs – Ceiling: 11-5; Floor: 9-7

Oakland Raiders – Ceiling: 7-9; Floor: 4-12

 NFC North

Green Bay Packers – Ceiling: 12-4; Floor: 9-7

Detroit Lions – Ceiling: 10-6; Floor: 7-9

Minnesota Vikings – Ceiling: 9-7; Floor: 6-10

Chicago Bears – Ceiling: 7-9; Floor: 5-11

 NFC East

Dallas Cowboys – Ceiling: 11-5; Floor: 8-8

Philadelphia Eagles – Ceiling: 11-5; Floor: 8-8

New York Giants – Ceiling: 10-6; Floor: 6-10

Washington – Ceiling: 6-10; Floor: 4-12

 NFC South

Atlanta Falcons – Ceiling: 12-4; Floor: 9-7

New Orleans Saints – Ceiling: 11-5; Floor: 7-9

Carolina Panthers – Ceiling: 10-6; Floor: 7-9

Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Ceiling: 6-10; Floor: 4-12

 NFC West

Seattle Seahawks – Ceiling: 14-2; Floor: 11-5

Arizona Cardinals – Ceiling: 10-6; Floor: 7-9

St. Louis Rams – Ceiling: 8-8; Floor: 6-10

San Francisco 49ers – Ceiling: 8-8; Floor: 5-11

Playoff Predictions


1. New England Patriots

2. Indianapolis Colts

3. Denver Broncos

4. Baltimore Ravens

5. Miami Dolphins

6. Pittsburgh Steelers


1. Seattle Seahawks

2. Green Bay Packers

3. Atlanta Falcons

4. Dallas Cowboys

5. Philadelphia Eagles

6. Arizona Cardinals

Postseason Awards

NFL MVP: Andrew Luck, QB Indianapolis Colts

Offensive Player of the Year: Andrew Luck, QB Indianapolis Colts

Defensive Player of the Year: J.J. Watt, DE Houston Texans

AFC Offensive Rookie of the Year: Amari Cooper, WR Oakland Raiders

NFC Offensive Rookie of the Year: Jameis Winston, QB Tampa Bay Buccaneers

AFC Defensive Rookie of the Year: Leonard Williams, DL New York Jets

NFC Defensive Rookie of the Year: Hau’oli Kikaha, OLB New Orleans Saints

 Super Bowl L Prediction

Indianapolis Colts vs Green Bay Packers


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