A day at the NHL Draft: 2015

A day at the NHL Draft:  2015

By Dave Isaac

Sunrise, Florida

June 27, 2015


There is always an electrifying buzz at the NHL draft.  Certain teams have renewed hope, other teams looking for that one final piece to be a serious contender and the elite teams hoping to stay on top of the mountain.  Anticipation is in the air, discussions among GM’s are on the ground and the young kids are hoping to realize their dreams of becoming an NHL player.

The 2015 NHL draft was held in Sunrise Florida, the home of the Florida Panthers.   Florida may be the only place where you get out of the car and your glasses steam up due to the high humidity.   Of course coming from Phoenix, I shouldn’t complain because 113 degree weather also has its disadvantages like getting out of the car and your glasses won’t steam up, but they might melt.

Trades started early at this draft.  It is always exciting to hear the commissioner say, “We have a trade.”  Yet, before the draft started there were several notable trades that occurred.  The Boston Bruins pulled off not one blockbuster trade but two on the same day sending defenseman Dougie Hamilton to the Calgary Flames in exchange for the 15th, 45th, and 52d picks in the 2015 NHL Draft, which began Friday night.  Less than two hours later the Bruins sent Milan Lucic to the Los Angeles Kings for the 13th pick in Friday’s draft, 25-year-old goaltender Martin Jones, and prospect Colin Miller, a defenseman. The Bruins retained $2.75 million in salary on the Lucic deal, which was the key to this trade for the Kings.

The reaction among hockey executives around the league, when they learned of Hamilton’s trade to the Calgary Flames: “You’ve got to be kidding me,” said one NHL general manager.  Most GM’s thought the Bruins didn’t receive enough for Hamilton, with Boston receiving a first-round pick (No. 15 overall) and two second-round picks (45th and 52nd overall).  Yet, GM’s must look at many things such as whether or not they would be able to sign Hamilton who was a restricted free agent.

The Arizona Coyotes were apparently trying to trade with the Bruins for Hamilton and the rumblings were that Arizona had a better offer than the Flames.

The Los Angeles Kings gave up a lot for Milan Lucic.  Yet Lucic is a 27-year-old top power forward who, at his best, is an amazing force of nature that scores, hits and fights.

Lucic is one of three players that have accumulated at least 250 points and 400 penalty minutes over the past five seasons (Corey Perry and David Backes are the others).

Miller, 22, was a top prospect in the Kings’ system and was a fifth-round pick in 2012.  He had 19 goals and 33 assists in 70 games for the Kings’ AHL affiliate in Manchester.

The consensus among media, that this is a good trade for the Los Angeles Kings.  With the Kings missing the playoffs this year after winning the Stanley Cup, certain changes needed to be made and with a big, tough yet talented forward, the Kings should have renewed energy, drive and passion while continuing to play their “heavy” style.


Dave Isaac

Dave Isaac

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