A power outage: Rattlers 55 Power 45.

Although the Pittsburgh Power prior to last nights game was only 2 & 8, allowing any professional team to recharge can be a kiss of death.  The Rattlers managed to come away with a victory despite only scoring 3 points in the 4th quarter.   Rattlers head coach Kevin Guy was not happy with the overall performance of his team.  Guy said “the defense was sloppy in the first half and the offense was slopping in the second half”.  “We need to learn how to deliver that knock out punch”.  Guy was upset with the number of penalties the Rattlers took which indicated a lack of discipline at times.  Guy said “discipline has been an issue and we are going to address this on Monday and I fully expect us to play better next week”.  When Guy was asked if the Rattlers had some type of let down playing a team that was 2 & 8, Guy was quick to respond that the Rattlers did not start the game with a let down, it was clearly the mindset of us in the second half of not be able to develop a knock punch”.  “We did’t finish.  We got complacent.  Our mind was somewhere else.”

Despite the inconsistent performances of the Rattlers last night, they did get the win and the other good new is that San Jose lost to the Milwaukee Mustangs 81 to 68 which puts the Rattlers in sole possession of first place in the National Conference West Division with a record of 9 & 3.  Good teams know how to win, and this years Rattlers team is a very good team.

There were some excellent individual Rattlers performances:  Kicker Chris Gould made all his point after attempts and also was two for two in field goals.  Wide receiver Maurice Purify continues to over power defenders with his strength.  He also made an acrobatic leap over a defender on one of his catches to pick up an extra 10 yards.  Trandon Harvey continues to play well after coming back from an injury a few weeks ago and returned a kickoff for a touch down.  Marquis Floyd, had an interception and several great defensive plays.

Next week, June 9th, the Rattlers host the Iowa Barnstormers who are 5 & 7.  Don’t miss all the action.  Visit www.azrattlers.com for tickets.

Dave Isaac

Dave Isaac

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