NCAAM Bracketology

Now, normally I don’t make my bracket available to the public eye because I just haven’t ever been able to put out a solid bracket since I started filling them out, but when it comes down to a competition between the interns at Breakthrough Sports, it needs to be posted out of necessity. So, from the Final Four onward, here are my March Madness picks.

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Final Four Picks:

South: Florida – The argument of Florida’s defense is getting really old at this point, but nevertheless, it’s what’s going to carry the Gators through to the Final Four, hopefully after an elite eight standoff with Kansas.

East: Michigan State – With a Big 10 title, powerhouse Adreian Payne and dream team Gary Harris and Keith Appling, I’d be surprised if Michigan State didn’t cruise through the first three rounds into the Final Four. Not that it will be easy for them; they have Virginia and likely Iowa State or Villanova ready to try and halt their efforts along the way.

West: Wisconsin – To be completely honest, I’m not one for the Cinderella stories. If any team in the west were to have that Cinderella story, I’d give it to SDSU. But I can’t see the Aztecs beating the Badgers to make it into the Final Four, so I’ll hand this round to Wisconsin.

Midwest: Wichita State – The Shockers are entering this tournament undefeated, and I’d like to see them leave it undefeated. They have arguably one of the tougher regions, but the tenacity of this Wichita State team is what brought them to the tournament, and it’s going to be what will bring them through it.


National Championship Matchup:

Florida v. Wichita State

Like I mentioned before, I’d really like to see Wichita State leave this tournament undefeated. They have an incredible Gator defense standing in their way, however. The Shockers are going to have to step it up and… well… shock the Florida defense. But I can see them walking away with a close, hard-fought win. That, and I didn’t want to copy Brendan. (: (That was a joke guys, that was a joke. Albeit not a very funny one at all, but a joke nonetheless.)

Bailee Wishart

Bailee Wishart

Bailee Wishart is a sophomore majoring in journalism at Arizona State University. An avid Sun Devil fan, she can typically be found in the center of the student section during most football, basketball, and volleyball games. Bailee was raised a Green Bay Packers fan and has been following the team from Title Town since she first began to understand the game of football. She regularly keeps up with her favorite sports- football, soccer, basketball, track and field, and gymnastics- year round. In her spare time she is heavily involved in the WOW Factor! club at Arizona State, playing guitar, or writing songs. You can follow Bailee on Twitter @BaileeWish

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