Germany and Argentina Face Off Once Again for World Cup Glory

Germany and Argentina remain as the final two teams playing for the World Cup championship.  The two squads will meet Sunday afternoon, coming off of very unique and different semifinal matches.

Germany advances after an absolute rout of Brazil.  The German team embarrassed the host country, piling on five goals in the first half hour of play.  The 7-1 final brought tears to many home fans in the stands.  Not even Brazilian star Neymar could have saved his team in that one.

On the other side, the Argentinian team advances after a long defensive battle with the Dutch.  The 0-0 match went all the way into penalty kicks, where the Netherlands just could not keep pace.

Both teams have rich history and success on the World Cup stage.  Germany has won the World Cup three times.  Most recently, the Germans won in 1990 over guess who?  Argentina.  For Argentina on the other hand, they hold two World Cup championships under their belt.  Care to guess who they defeated in 1986?  That’s right, Germany.  Safe to say these two aren’t the best of friends.

With such a captivating track record between the two countries, it is hard not to be even slightly interested.  While a lot of Americans have dropped off of the soccer bandwagon until another four years from now, these teams should draw back some interest.

Americans are very familiar with this German team, as the US National team narrowly escaped the “Group of Death” alongside them.  Perhaps the 1-0 loss to Germany in the group stage may persuade Americans to root against the German squad this weekend.

When it comes to drawing points of interest from Argentina, look no further than Lionel Messi.  Aside from players like Ronaldo, Messi can be seen as the best player in the world.  His insanely quick speed and footwork makes it hard for defenders to anticipate his next maneuver.

However, both teams do an excellent job balancing lockdown defense with the ability to strike at any moment.  Possible goals from either Germany’s Thomas Muller or Argentina’s Messi should not come as a surprise.

As soccer fans or simple spectators, we can only hope Argentina keeps up with the powerhouse of Germany.  It would be a shame to see the Argentinian squad reach the point of “just happy to be here.”  While that is highly unlikely, Argentina really should be thankful for where they are now.

Their penalty kick win was only one of the few outstanding finishes for the team in this World Cup.  An added time goal from Messi in the group stage and an extra time winning goal over the Swiss were just a couple of the dramatic scenarios Argentina has already been placed in.

It is safe to say that for American viewers, all we want is some consistent scoring periodically, with a dramatic finish.  After this game, we can worry a little more about expanding the game.  Whether or not soccer expands dramatically, is truly has been a fascinating World Cup, with a wide assortment of headlining events to keep up with.  Players biting others.  A record four penalty kicking finishes.  Early exits from the defending world champion and other powerhouses.  All storylines that will be talked about for years to come.

Adam Johnson

Adam Johnson

Adam Johnson is a sophomore at Grand Canyon University.  Studying Sports Management, Adam is looking to work in broadcasting after graduation.  Adam is originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota but has been in Arizona the past eight years.  Being from Minnesota, he is a hometown fan of all the Minnesota teams, especially the Vikings.  Sports have been a part of Adam’s life since childhood, and his passion for them has only grown over time.  He currently works in the Grand Canyon University Arena, where he does video work for many of the games and concerts.  You can follow Adam on Instagram and Twitter at @Mr_GCU.
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