Happy Halloween!!! Top 5 horror films!

It’s hard to believe that Halloween is already here. Sure for the past 2 months when you are in stores around town, all you see is Halloween stuff, but it still flies right by. In honor of Halloween, lets take a look at my top 5 favorite Horror movies, or at least movies that are fun to watch this time of year.


5) A Nightmare on Elm Street – The 1984 version of course, which featured Johnny Depp, in his feature film debut. Robert Englund, of course, stars as Freddy Krueger, a child murderer who was killed by a lynch mob, only to return to stalk the children of the lynch mob members, in their dreams. It was an original concept at the time and Krueger was a far different type of villian, than the traditional slow moving, mute masked killers. Freddy was dark and scary in this Nightmare film, although over the course of the sequels he became quite the comedian, and was a true jack ass. That being said, the funny, one-liner Freddy, did make the sequels somewhat funny and entertaining to watch, but not on the same level in terms of Horror as the original Nightmare!

4) Bram Stokers Dracula – This 1992 film starred Gary Oldman, Winona Ryder, Keanu Reeves and Anthony Hopkins. Obviously a terrific cast and outstanding film. When I was little, I would watch this and it would scare the crap out of me. Now while it doesn’t have that same effect on me anymore in terms of scares, this still is a really good horror film, with a nice combination of drama of course. Oldman, in particular, is great as Dracula. Reeves wasn’t up to par in this, partly because all you can think about is, “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure,” and his character, “Todd” in “Parenthood.” It wasn’t until, “Speed,” in 1994, where Reeves was able to play a convincing role, of a non-dumb ass. Again, as mentioned earlier, this might not be on most lists in terms of scares, although it does have its moments, but in general it’s a really good film, that is a bit different then watching the typical slasher style movie(s), around Halloween time.

3) The Exorcist – This 1973 classic stars Linda Blair, Max von Sydow and Ellen Burstyn. Blair, plays a 12-year-old girl who’s behavior as well as physical make-up is starting to change. It turns out of course that she is being possessed by a demon. The movie as a whole is fantastic and provides quite a few scares, but the final 3o minutes in particular really stands out. Please stay away from the Exorcist II, because it flat out sucks. Although, some of the other sequels/prequels aren’t bad.

2) IT – This 1990, Stephen King adaption, stars Richard Thomas, a very young Seth Green, the late John Ritter and Tim Curry. Curry plays, “Pennywise” the clown.  Pennywise is actually an evil demon that poses as a clown. The first half of this film is outstanding and truly provides some great scares. It features seven outcast kids that call themselves “The Loser Club,” that battle Pennywise. The second half of the film is basically the kids as adults now, and of course the return of Pennywise to haunt them. If the second half was as good as the first half, then maybe, just maybe this film would be number one on my list. All in all though, this is still a fantastic horror movie that gives you chills just when you look at Pennywise.

1) Halloween – The 1978, John Carpenter version of course. (Although I did like the Rob Zombie remake) This horror classic stars Jamie Lee Curtis, Donald Pleasence and P.J. Soles. This was Curtis’ first film role, although she had appeared on some television shows. She plays innocent teenager, Laurie Strode. This was the beginning of the “Scream Queen” as she is often referred to, or at least used to be called, when she was also cast in numerous other horror films, in the early 1980s. The film revolves around a young boy, named Michael Myers, who kills his older sister when he is just 6-years old, on Halloween night. He of course is institutionalized, until he escapes when he is 23-years old, just in time for his favorite holiday. He stalks Strode and her friends, while Strode is baby sitting on Halloween night. He wears a very creepy white mask, which of course happens to actually be a William Shatner mask, that the film crew picked up. This is not only one of the scariest movies you will see, but also very much different in terms of atmosphere, tone and far less gore and blood than most slasher films. The tension really builds in this film, and the scares that lead up to the end, are phenomenal and well-timed. The sequels, as well as the remake, and the remake’s sequel, definitely do not live up to the original, although some of them are good in their own right.


Happy Halloween! Oh yeah, remember, watch out for the guy wearing a William Shatner mask!

Greg Isaac

Greg Isaac

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