Life is Go!


We all have it. Personal potential, professional potential, relational potential…how many actually realize it?
As parents, our frustrations with our children are primarily born out of our desire to see our offspring realize their full potential. Many of us work tirelessly in order to provide them with the tools and skills necessary for successful living. The rest, however, is up to them. In the long run, we can only be responsible for realizing our own.
Realizing potential begins with recognition. A quick look to the future can paint a beautiful picture, but it also has the ability to terrify us into paralysis. Seeing what we are capable of has far reaching consequences. First, however, we have to believe in possibility. We have to learn to believe in ourselves.
Personal potential will only be realized if we strive to be the person God intended us to be.
Professional potential will only be found if it serves a purpose greater than a paycheck.
Relational potential only comes to fruition when both people, equally yoked, work together as a team.
In all of these, the ability to remove the selfish motives increases the chances of success.
Are you ready to do what it takes? Are you ready to work with others? Are you ready to see a big picture and your place in it? Are you ready to rock your world? Then stop wasting your time with people and activities that don’t match up.
Picture yourself successful and GREEN LIGHT, GO!!