Mercury 102 Japan National Team 73

Some things just don’t change.  “Pushing the Pace”, high tempo and fast pace offense and great coaching, effective management and passionate fans.  This was evident for the first game of the year (Preseason) when the Phoenix Mercury took on the National Team from Japan.  The final score:  Mercury 102 and the National Team from Japan 73.

The Mercury started with a furious pace outscoring the team from Japan 34 to 16 in the first quarter.  It was show time.  Things slow up in the second and third quarters where the Mercury slightly out scored their opponent in the second quarter 26 to 21 and was outscored by Japan in the third quarter 22 to 14.   The Mercury must have watched some highlight films in between the third and fourth quarters because they came out blazing again and outscored Japan 28 to 14.

They scored over 100 points despite the fact that their major stars were not playing.  Diana Taurasi, Candice Dupree and DeWanna Bonner all sat out.  Penny Taylor, is out for the season with a knee injury.

Returning guard Alexis Gray-Lawson was on fire and lead all scorers with 34 points.  A great start to a great player.

Yet, many fans came to see the 6th overall pick, Samantha Prahalis, who did not disappoint.  It was her first game for the Mercury and there were flashes of why she became one of just two NCAA division 1 players to record 2000 points and 900 assists in her career at Ohio State.  Prahalis is known for her flashy passes resembling  the Sacramento Kings version of Jason Williams or “Pistol” Pete Maravich.

Prahilis had 7 points and 7 assists as a non starter.  When asked how she felt her first game went, Prahalis responded by saying “It was cool”.  “I got to get a little but more adjusted first:.  “At times it was like I was a little bit comfortable and at times it was a little bit of an ajustment”.  “I still have to get more in sync with everybody”.

After the game Head Coach Corey Gaines spoke highly of Prahalis telling reporters, “Her gift she has with passing your can’t teach her.  That’s a gift”.

There are some gifts that keep on giving and for the Mercury Prahalis, gifts will be plentiful this season.

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Dave Isaac

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