MLB: Are the AZ Diamondbacks Buyers, Sellers or Neither

When the 2015 season began for the AZ Diamondbacks this team was considered inconsequential by several MLB writers and many of the relevant baseball publications. They were picked to be the worst team in their division and by some in the National League. Some writers went so far as to say possibly in all of baseball, with a predicted average of 72 wins. Well, so far this team has been one of MLB’s most surprising teams in the first half of the 2015 season as they hover around .500 and continue to compete in the tough National League West. This from a team, that suffers from poor pitching at times from both their starters and their bullpen and has gone through a few hitting slumps from all the regular everyday players, except Paul Goldschmidt.

With the Wild Card play-in game now, teams have an additional opportunity to make a run at the postseason. So, the Diamondbacks are faced with an interesting dilemma as the month of July starts, will they be buyers or sellers before the end of the trading deadline on July 31st?

Teams that are going to be buyers need to have top prospects available for trade in their minor leagues and sellers must have productive players with workable contracts. Currently the Diamondbacks have both.

They are one of the top teams in MLB in runs scored and defense, so they do not have a great need for position players. And they feel they have solved their catching issues for now, so their only need is starting pitching. But for a trade to make sense, they will need to make that trade for a number one or a number two starter.

As for players that other teams might be interesting in trading for, that list would likely include Aaron Hill, Cliff Pennington, Oliver Perez and possibly Addison Reed, but those players will not get you a frontline starting pitcher.

You will hear speculation of trade talks from now until July 31st, but if teams are not willing to part with starting pitchers there is not much need for the Diamondbacks to be either buyers or sellers. They will need to rely on a healthy Patrick Corbin and a continued turn-around from their current starting pitching staff to keep them in the Wild Card race.

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Jim Marshall

Jim Marshall

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