MLB: Hanley Ramirez trade: The Dodgers are back!

The Los Angeles Dodgers new ownership regime made a huge statement early Wednesday morning when they acquired all-star shortstop/third baseman Hanley Ramirez and lefty reliever Randy Choate from the Miami Marlins.

While the baseball world has known for months since the new ownership has been in place that money is absolutely no object to them, this move is a true statement that the Dodgers are back and will go all in. The fact that they were willing to absorb the remainder of Ramirez’s contract was the reason why the Marlins were willing to accept less in terms of players/prospects in the trade. The Dodgers farm system is fairly thin right now with pitching prospect Zach Lee being at the top. With Lee not being involved in this trade the Dodgers not only get to continue developing the youngster, but they can also perhaps use him in another trade to obtain more offensive help or a starting pitcher. The team has said they would only move Lee if they can obtain a significant pitcher/player who is signed beyond this season.

The Dodgers filled two needs with this move obtaining a potentially huge bat for the lineup behind Matt Kemp and Andre Either, and they also had a need for another lefty reliever, which they got in Choate. Now Ramirez has not been the same player the last 2 seasons that he once was, but he is only 28 years old and many folks around the league feel the change of scenery may help him get back to being an all-star caliber offensive force.

With the July 31st non-waiver trade deadline coming up here in 6 days, you can expect the Dodgers to remain among the most active teams on the trade market. It would not be a shock at all to see the boys in blue acquire another position player or 2 (first baseman and/or left fielder) as well as a starting pitcher. The fact that they can absorb some hefty contracts might continue to be beneficial for the club in trade talks, as some of the sellers value salary relief just as much, if not more then quality of players/prospects they would receive in return, like in the case of the Marlins.

Greg Isaac

Greg Isaac

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