MLB: The AZ Diamondbacks Make No Moves at the Trade Deadline

The 2015 MLB Trade Deadline has come and gone and the Arizona Diamondbacks decided not to make any moves this season. The team did engage in trade talks, and even offered a few players for Cincinnati Reds closer Aroldis Chapman, but in the end the Reds were asking for too much to obtain the All Star closer. The Reds wanted the Diamondbacks’ top two pitching prospects in Braden Shipley and Aaron Blair and their top infield prospect in Brandon Drury, as well as an everyday player from their current big league roster.

Fans may be disappointed that a trade was not made for Chapman, but at this point relief pitching is not the most critical need for this club. Starting pitching, by a wide margin, is this team’s most critical issue and hopefully the Diamondbacks will make that their top priority in the off-season.

In addition, Chapman is under contract through the 2016 season, so, yes he would have been in a Diamondbacks uniform for 2016, but after that he is arbitration eligible. The only way this deal would have made sense is if the Diamondbacks could guarantee that Chapman would sign an extension and stay with the team for the long term, but that would have been a big gamble. Another team could offer Chapman $13 to $16 million a year after the 2016 season and that would be an expensive price to pay for a closer. I don’t think it would make sense for the Diamondbacks to pay that much for a closer, especially if they plan to spend money on starting pitching.

We know the bullpen issues have been heavily discussed as well. Addison Reed, who began the season as the closer, was removed due to poor performances. Brad Ziegler was named the closer and he is getting the job done. In fact, you could say that Ziegler is having a career year. He doesn’t throw as hard as Reed, but Ziegler is one of the most consistent relievers in baseball.  He has a “knack” for a mean ground ball for outs and he continues to save games.

The Diamondbacks also have several potential closers in their farm system.

At the end of the day I am happy they stood pat at the trade deadline. It wasn’t worth a one year rental closer for three of their best prospects.

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Jim Marshall

Jim Marshall

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