MLB: Time for the Diamondbacks to make Some Trades

Sunday’s game was the 81st for the Diamondbacks which is the midway point on the season. The Diamondbacks are 42-39 and in first place; but if you have watched this team at all, particularly in the month of June, you may ask yourself just how this team actually leads the NL West. The bats can go quiet for several games and the low average with runners in scoring position is a cause for concern as well, but the biggest concern right now is pitching. What was to be the team’s strength this season has turned into a hit-or-miss situation, with way too many misses. That includes both the starting and relief pitching.

With the rest of the division beating each other up and dealing with their current injuries, the Diamondbacks have avoided watching any other legitimate competitor getting hot and taking control of the NL West. But how long can the Diamondbacks rely on the other teams’ lack of production? Eventually all the NL West teams will get healthy.

Let’s take a look at what the most important item that needs to be done for the Diamondbacks to maintain their slim NL West lead. Given the issues the pitching staff has had, we know the team will be shopping for a starting pitcher on the trade market. The Diamondbacks could have interest in as many as two starters. They will look at pitchers that are relatively young and cost-controlled beyond this season. What that means is, they do not want to trade for a veteran “rental” who will leave after the season, but would rather get someone that will be part of the 2014 rotation. A middle relief pitcher could also be on their list.

There will be plenty of names that will come up and be rumored leaving Kevin Towers, who as you know is not afraid to make trades, with a lot of decisions to make. I can tell you that they would be looking at guys with strong strikeout rates, low walks and control stability.

If/when the trade(s) are made; the question becomes who will be saying goodbye to the Diamondbacks’ organization. . We know that pitcher Archie Bradley is and should be untouchable, as well as pitcher David Holmberg and shortstop Chris Owings. After that anybody else, including, yes even Tyler Skaggs and even a current starter, should be considered a potential piece of compensation. When the trade(s) happen(s) it is going to be costly for the Diamondbacks as the teams GM’s will want some serious prospects.

Let’s hope the Diamondbacks can hold onto this lead in the NL West while they work out their current difficulties.

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Jim Marshall

Jim Marshall

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