NBA: Power Rankings (Week of 3/31/14-4/6/14)

Last week in the NBA we saw the Spurs tie their franchise record for consecutive wins (17), the 76ers snap their 26 game losing streak, and Kevin Durant score at least 25 points in his 38th consecutive game which is just two games shy of Michael Jordan’s record. Here are your power rankings for this week:

1. San Antonio Spurs: 57-16; Last 10: 10-0; Streak: Won 17 (Last week: 1)

The Spurs tied their franchise record winning streak with 17 straight, but will have tough contests against Indiana, Golden State, and OKC this week.

2. Oklahoma City Thunder: 54-19; Last 10: 8-2; Streak: Won 2 (Last week: 3)

Kevin Durant has kept the Thunder within striking distance of the Spurs in the standings even with the Spurs being on fire over the past month.

3. Los Angeles Clippers: 52-22; Last 10: 8-2; Streak: Won 2 (Last week: 2)

Blake Griffin is day-to-day with back spasms so it should be interesting whether or not Doc Rivers will push him towards playing him in hopes to catch OKC or just rest him for a bit.

4. Miami Heat: 50-22; Last 10: 6-4; Streak: Won 2 (Last week: 5)

Miami will play host to Toronto on Tuesday in what may be a second-round matchup in the playoffs. The Heat is 3-0 on the season against the Raptors.

5. Houston Rockets: 49-23; Last 10: 6-4; Streak: Lost 1 (Last week: 4)

Patrick Beverley is out indefinitely due to a knee injury so Jeremy Lin will take over starting point guard duties for the time being.

6.  Indiana Pacers: 52-22; Last 10: 5-5; Streak: Lost 2 (Last week: 7)

The Pacers are 8-9 in the month of March and have shot under 40% in each of their past five games.

7.  Golden State Warriors: 45-28; Last 10: 6-4; Streak: Lost 1 (Last week: 6)

David Lee comes into the week having missed the last two games and Andrew Bogut is now out as well with a groin injury.

8.  Dallas Mavericks: 44-30; Last 10: 6-4; Streak: Won 1 (Last week: 8)

The Mavs and Suns come into the week tied for the 7th seed in the West with a matchup between the two teams coming on April 9.

9.  Portland Trailblazers: 48-27; Last 10: 6-4; Streak: Won 3 (Last week: 10)

The Trailblazers pulled ahead of the Warriors by 2.5 games heading into the week, but the two teams will face each other on April 13.

10. Chicago Bulls: 41-32; Last 10: 6-4; Streak: Won 1 (Last week: 11)

Chicago will most likely get the 3rd seed in the East as eight of their nine remaining games are against teams below the .500 mark.

11.   Memphis Grizzlies: 43-30; Last 10: 6-4; Streak: Lost 2 (Last week: 9)

The Grizzlies have won 10 consecutive home games and has four home games remaining on their schedule.

12.   Phoenix Suns: 44-30; Last 10: 8-2; Streak: Lost 1 (Last week: 14)

The Suns lost their season-high six game winning streak on Sunday night to the Lakers and now embark on quite a stretch to make the playoffs with games remaining against the Clippers, Blazers, Thunder, Spurs, Mavs, and Grizzlies.

13.  Toronto Raptors: 42-31; Last 10: 6-4; Streak: Won 3 (Last week: 12)

The Raptors’ second Atlantic Division title in franchise history is theirs to lose.

14.  Brooklyn Nets: 39-33; Last 10: 7-3; Streak: Won 2 (Last week: 13)

The Nets trail the Raptors by 2.5 games in the Atlantic Division to begin the week and currently sit in the 5th seed in the East.

15.  Washington Wizards: 38-35; Last 10: 5-5; Streak: Won 2 (Last week: 15)

John Wall is going to lead the Wizards into the playoffs for the first time since 2008.

16.  Minnesota Timberwolves: 36-36; Last 10: 5-5; Streak: Lost 1 (Last week: 16)

The T’Wolves absolutely embarrassed the Lakers last week when they scored 143 points against the lowly Lakers on Wednesday.

17.  Charlotte Bobcats: 35-38; Last 10: 6-4; Streak: Lost 1 (Last week: 17)

Charlotte trails the Wizards by three games coming into the week and the two teams will meet up on Monday night.

18.  New York Knicks: 31-43; Last 10: 7-3; Streak: Won 1 (Last week: 18)

New York has trimmed their deficit behind Atlanta to just one game heading into the week after defeating the Warriors on Sunday night.

19.  New Orleans Pelicans: 32-41; Last 10: 6-4; Streak: Lost 1 (Last week: 19)

Tyreke Evans really turned it on in the month of March and would be a serious contender for the Player of the Month award if it weren’t for Kevin Durant. Evans finished March averaging 20.8 points, 6.9 assists, and 5.6 rebounds per game.

20.  Atlanta Hawks: 31-41; Last 10: 4-6; Streak: Lost 6 (Last week: 20)

After winning four in a row the Hawks have now dropped six straight games, keeping the Knicks and Cavaliers playoff hopes alive.

21. Cleveland Cavaliers: 30-45; Last 10: 6-4; Streak: Lost 1 (Last week: 22)

The Cavs still have a chance to make the playoffs despite being 15 games under .500.

22.  Denver Nuggets: 32-41; Last 10: 5-5; Streak: Lost 3 (Last week: 21)

This will be the first time in 10 years that the Nuggets will not be playoff bound. In other news, Kenneth Faried had a fantastic month in which he averaged 19.3 points and 9.9 rebounds per game.

23.  Sacramento Kings: 25-48; Last 10: 3-7; Streak: Lost 3 (Last week: 23)

Isaiah Thomas will become a restricted free agent in the offseason and although he has expressed his love for the Lakers, he has recently told reporters that he would like to remain with the Kings. Thomas is averaging 20.7 points, 6.4 assists, and 1.3 steals per game this season.

24.  Los Angeles Lakers: 25-48; Last 10: 4-6; Streak: Won 1 (Last week: 26)

The last time the Lakers had 50+ losses in a season was in the 1974-1975 season.

25.  Boston Celtics: 23-50; Last 10: 1-9; Streak: Lost 4 (Last week: 24)

The Celtics faithful have not had much to cheer for this season but a lottery pick in the upcoming draft loaded with potential stars will help out.

26.  Utah Jazz: 23-51; Last 10: 1-9; Streak: Lost 4 (Last week: 25)

The Jazz have increased their chances at more ping-pong balls following a 2-14 record in the month of March.

27.  Orlando Magic: 21-53; Last 10: 2-8; Streak: Lost 1 (Last week: 28)

Nikola Vucevic was awarded Eastern Conference POTW honors last week after averaging 22.6 points in the three games.

28.  Detroit Pistons: 26-47; Last 10: 2-8; Streak: Lost 3 (Last week: 27)

The Pistons drop down the rankings this week after being the team that finally lost to the 76ers, who snapped their 26 game losing streak.

29.  Milwaukee Bucks: 14-59; Last 10: 1-9; Streak: Lost 1 (Last week: 29)

The fact that Philly lost 26 straight games and still has a better record than Milwaukee shows how disappointing this year has been for the Bucks.

30.  Philadelphia 76ers: 16-57; Last 10: 1-9; Streak: Won 1 (Last week: 30)

The 76ers won for the first time since before Super Bowl XLVIII against the Pistons the other night, finally snapping their franchise-record and NBA league-tying record of 26 consecutive losses.

*Bolded teams would be playoff teams if the season ended today.


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