NHL: 2014 NHL Preseason Schedule Released

With 50 days to go until the 2014-15 NHL season, the preseason schedule was announced Tuesday. The 15-day schedule will begin Sunday, September 21, leading up to the regular season, which starts October 8.

All times listed below are ET.

September 21

Columbus at Carolina, 1:30pm

Buffalo at Washington, 5:00pm

St. Luis at Columbus, 6:00pm

Calgary at Edmonton, 8:00pm

Edmonton at Calgary, 8:00pm


September 22

 Ottawa vs. NY Islanders at St. Johns, NL, double-header, 1:30pm and 6:00pm

New Jersey at NY Rangers, 7:00pm

Toronto vs. Philadelphia at London, ON, 7:00pm

Washington at Philadelphia, 7:00pm

Detroit at Pittsburgh, 7:00pm

Minnesota at Winnipeg, 8:00pm

St. Luis at Dallas, 8:30pm

Anaheim at Colorado, 9:00pm

Colorado at Anaheim, 10:00pm

Los Angeles at Arizona, 10:00pm

Arizona at Los Angeles, 10:30pm


September 23

 Carolina at Buffalo, 7:00pm

Pittsburgh at Columbus, 7:00pm

Boston at Montréal, 7:30pm

Philadelphia at Toronto, 7:30pm

Nashville at Tampa Bay, 7:30

Detroit at Chicago, 8:30

San Jose at Vancouver, 9:00pm

Arizona at Anaheim, 10:00pm

Vancouver vs. San Jose at Stockton, CA, 10:30pm


September 24

 Arizona vs. Calgary at Sylvan Lake, AB, 7:30pm

Carolina at NY Islanders, 7:00pm

Washington at Boston, 7:00pm

Dallas at Florida, 7:30pm

Ottawa at Toronto, 7:30pm

Toronto at Ottawa, 7:30pm

Edmonton at Winnipeg, 8:00pm


September 25

 New Jersey at Philadelphia, 7:00pm

Minnesota at Pittsburgh, 7:00pm

Chicago at Detroit, 7:30pm

Colorado at Montréal, 7:30pm

Tampa Bay at Nashville, 8:00pm

Columbus at St. Luis, 8:00pm

Vancouver at Calgary, 9:00pm

Anaheim at Los Angeles, 10:30pm


September 26

 Toronto at Buffalo, 7:00pm

Montréal vs. Colorado at Quebec City, QC, 7:00pm

Boston at Washington, 7:00pm

Dallas at Tampa Bay, 7:30pm

New Jersey vs. NY Islanders at Brooklyn, NY, 7:30pm

NY Rangers at Chicago, 8:30pm

Calgary at Vancouver, 10:00pm

Arizona at San Jose, 10:30pm


September 27

Florida at Nashville, 4:00pm

Columbus at Pittsburgh, 4:00pm

Boston at Detroit, 7:00pm

Florida at Nashville, 8:00pm

Winnipeg at Arizona, 8:00pm

Dallas vs. St. Luis at Kansas City, MO, 8:00pm

Anaheim at San Jose, 8:00pm


September 28

Chicago vs. Edmonton at Saskatoon, SK, 6:00pm

Washington at Montréal, 6:00pm

Philadelphia at New Jersey, 7:00pm

Buffalo at Toronto, 7:00pm

Calgary at Colorado, 8:00pm

Los Angeles at Anaheim, 8:00pm


September 29

Philadelphia at NY Rangers, 7:00pm

Toronto at Detroit, 7:30pm

Columbus at Nashville, 8:00pm

Pittsburgh at Minnesota, 8:00pm

Florida at Dallas, 8:30pm

Winnipeg at Edmonton, 9:00pm

Arizona at Vancouver, 9:00pm


September 30

NY Islanders at Boston, 7:00pm

NY Rangers at Philadelphia, 7:00pm

Carolina at St. Louis, 8:00pm

Ottawa at Winnipeg, 8:00pm

Tampa Bay at Dallas, 8:30pm

Colorado at Calgary, 9:00pm

Los Angeles at San Jose, 10:30pm


October 1

Washington at Buffalo, 7:00pm

Carolina at Columbus, 7:00pm

Pittsburgh at Detroit, 7:30pm

Montréal at Chicago, 8:30

Arizona at Edmonton, 9:00pm


October 2

NY Islanders at New Jersey, 7:00pm

Philadelphia at Washington, 7:00pm

Tampa Bay at Florida, 7:30pm

Minnesota at St. Louis, 8:00pm

Winnipeg at Calgary, 9:00pm

Vancouver at Edmonton, 9:00pm

Los Angeles vs. Colorado at Colorado Springs, CO, 9:00pm


October 3

Buffalo at Carolina, 7:00pm

Chicago at NY Rangers, 7:00pm

Montréal at Ottawa, 7:30pm

Detroit at Toronto, 7:30pm

Boston vs. NY Islanders at Bridgeport, CT, 7:30pm

San Jose at Arizona, 10:00pm


October 4

Detroit at Boston, 5:30pm

Nashville at Columbus, 7:00pm

Florida at Tampa Bay, 7:00pm

Ottawa at Montréal, 7:00pm

NY Rangers at New Jersey, 7:00pm

Calgary at Winnipeg, 8:00pm

St. Luis at Minnesota, 8:00pm

Colorado vs. Los Angeles at Las Vegas, NV, 10:00pm

Edmonton at Vancouver, 10:00pm

San Jose at Anaheim, 10:00pm


October 5

Carolina at Washington, 3:00pm


The regular season starts three days later. Montréal and Toronto are the first two teams to take the ice this season, playing at Air Canada Centre at 7:00pm ET.


Megan Plain

Megan Plain

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