NHL: Will we see a new CBA this week?

The answer to the title of this article is………….probably not. Last week when the NHL stepped forward with their new proposal it was obvious that it was a PR move. That being said, there was optimism (especially from this writer) that this was a step forward. While I do believe there will be NHL hockey played this season, it is looking more and more likely that we will not see an 82 game season.

There was hope that perhaps a deal can be reached by Thursday, but with each hour clicking off the clock and no face to face meetings scheduled between the league and the NHLPA, it appears fans will need to wait longer. If a deal is somehow reached by Thursday, then most folks will quickly heal their wounds and be ready for the start of a November 2nd regular season. This probably won’t be the case though, although I still firmly believe that sometime in the month of November, we will see a deal reached and perhaps a 60 game season.

If there is no deal in November, there is only one thing left to do. That is to unleash Liam Neeson. That’s right, Liam Neeson!

Joking aside, as a fan it stings to not be able to watch the game you love. Sure there are junior hockey feeds, college feeds and of course the AHL and International, but obviously it’s not the same. I will not point fingers at the NHLPA or the league as this process is easier said than done. All fans can hope for is that at some point soon, the two groups can see eye to eye.

Around the league we can’t wait to see the Los Angeles Kings defend their title, the young up and coming Edmonton Oilers with Nail Yakupov flying down the ice, the new look Minnesota Wild challenging for a playoff berth, Rick Nash scoring 40 goals on Broadway with the New York Rangers, Jordan and Eric Stall playing together in Carolina, what jersey Roberto Luongo will put on next and of course a full healthy season of Sidney Crosby.

One of the best parts of the NHL Entry Draft, is of course when Commissioner Gary Bettman walks to the podium and says the famous line, “we have a trade to announce.” Hopefully soon he says this line with just a minor tweak, as in, “we have a deal to announce.”

Greg Isaac

Greg Isaac

Greg Isaac is a former hockey player and coach as well an avid/die-hard hockey fan, having gone to his first game at the Great Western Forum when he was 3.  Greg enjoys Seth Rogen and Jason Segel movies with Knocked Up, Superbad and Forgetting Sarah Marshall being 3 of his many favorites. He’s a huge Bill Maher and Seth MacFarlane fan, with his favorite T.V. show being Family Guy, of course. On the weekends you’ll probably find him playing non-stop ball hockey with his 5-year-old son Masen. You can hear Greg Saturday afternoons on @real_hockeytalk & @breakthrsports from 1-4 Arizona time on
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