NBA: Western Conference Power Rankings

Western Conference Power Rankings 1 – 5

December 3

1. Portland Trail Blazers (15-3) – No, you’re not dreaming. PTB tops my power rankings list this week. Yes, they lost at Phoenix, but you can’t win them all. LaMarcus Aldridge nearly averages a double-double. And one last thing, they just knocked off the Indiana Pacers, the team with the NBA’s best record.


2. Oklahoma City Thunder (12-3) – OKC has won seven straight, and it’s because of Andre Igoudala’s buzzer-beater the streak isn’t eight. The duo that is Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook is back, combining for nearly 50 points per game. KD’s latest 32-12-10 line against Minnesota isn’t so bad either.

3. San Antonio Spurs (15-3) – The San Antonio Spurs slide two spots this week. They’ve lost two of their last four and there have been questions about Tim Duncan’s productivity. His response? A 20-20 night against the Hawks. The losses are a mere blip in the radar to a team likely to compete for the west’s top seed.

4. Denver Nuggets (10-6) – Welcome to the top 5, Denver! The Nuggets have won six straight and after looking flat at home, losing their first two of the season, the fizz is back at the Pepsi Center. They play five more on the road, of which four teams having losing records.

5. Houston Rockets (13-6) I don’t look deep into the loss in Utah, a team getting healthier with Trey Burke back in the lineup. The Rockets had won five straight including wins against Minnesota, at Memphis and at San Antonio. As the chemistry continues to build with Howard and Harden, so does the number in the win column.

6.Los Angeles Clippers

7. Golden State Warriors

8. Phoenix Suns

9. Minnesota Timberwolves

10. Dallas Mavericks

11. Los Angeles Lakers

12. New Orleans Pelicans

13. Memphis Grizzlies

14. Sacramento Kings

15. Utah Jazz

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