MLB: Yanks Bring Power With Bats, Red Sox Make Plenty E’s

As usual, the matchup between the Yankees and Red Sox had proven to be an eventful one. The three-game series had resulted in a fantastic homecoming, suspension, and exciting final matchup.

The Yankees managed to topple the Red Sox in the third game of the matchup, using Boston’s season-high five errors to put itself on top with a 14-5 win.

Jacoby Ellsbury returned to Fenway on Tuesday with something to prove as he showed his former team, and the only professional organization he had ever played for prior to the Yankees, that trading him was a mistake. His presence resulted in booing from his former fans, but he later received an ovation as the Red Sox played a short video montage for him.

Ellsbury played that first game with intensity, starting with a triple during his first at bat, a double and a first-inning sliding catch.

Game two of the series did not fare as well for the Yankees. After giving up two runs in the first, Michael Pineda blatantly placed pine-tar on his neck, forcing the Red Sox to bring up the issue. This was his second outing this season that resulted in the use of a foreign substance. It was not brought up the first time by the opposing team, which also happened to be the Red Sox. Pineda received a 10-game suspension.

Game three was set to be a strong pitching matchup between CC Sabathia and Felix Doubront. Sabathia came out strong during his fifth start of the season, while Doubront couldn’t manage to hold back the Yankees, allowing seven runs, three of which were earned.

The Yanks came out strong in the first two innings, putting up four with the help of a poor defensive performance on Boston’s behalf. Alfonso Soriano drove in a run in the first inning to get the momentum going, Yangervis Solarte scored Brett Gardner and Brian Roberts with a double in the second, and Solarte later took home on a passed ball giving the Yankees a 4-0 lead in the second.

The third inning was the first time we saw the Red Sox cross the plate, but it wasn’t enough compared to the lead accumulated by New York.

Mark Teixeira earned his first home run of the season while putting another run on the board. Once Gardner managed to get on base he stole two bases allowing him to advance to third, followed by hits to center by both Roberts and Ellsbury giving the Yankees a 7-0 lead in the third.

The Red Sox would then see Ortiz earn his 12th RBI of the season with a fly out, scoring Dustin Pedroia and putting the Red Sox on the board. A double to center by Jonny Gomes would then leave Boston trailing 2-7.

A five-run seventh inning would be the most crippling for the Red Sox. Solarte would come up with another two-run RBI, plus an RBI double for Ellsbury, and two-run single for Jeter. Boston would then decrease its deficit with hits off of Shane Green, who made his major league debut today.

Boston would not manage to make a comeback, giving the Yankees a 14-5 win.

Megan Plain

Megan Plain

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