Jerny Rieves

Taking your vitamins? Steer away from Magnesium Stearate

Many of us take nutritional supplements to improve our health and as an “insurance policy” against poor dietary choices.  We think we are doing something good for our body, right?  Think again!  If you haven’t read the label on the … Continue reading

Life is Go!

Potential We all have it. Personal potential, professional potential, relational potential…how many actually realize it? As parents, our frustrations with our children are primarily born out of our desire to see our offspring realize their full potential. Many of us … Continue reading

What is healthy?

I know people who look great, yet they are miserable. They exercise religiously, eat perfectly, they look amazing, yet they fight anxiety, depression, and mood swings.  The quest for perfection leaves little time to cultivate relationships.  Life is superficial. I … Continue reading