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Derek Montilla is a freelance writer from Phoenix, AZ.  He is currently the co-host of The Kave Show Sports Talk on 1100 AM KFNX locally as well as a web writer covering the Cardinals and the Diamondbacks. He has been published in Arizona for the past 9 years, writing regularly for printed publications such as Playtime Magazine and AZ Skin Magazine. Derek has also worked with several film and television projects which included collaborating with producers to create an original animated series called “Dystopia” that was made into a pilot. In 2011, he and his wife Jennifer welcomed their daughter Lilly into their lives, which Derek credits with changing his focus to writing children’s stories.  He is currently working on a three book project aimed at young readers ages 3-5, as well as a new multi book series aimed at tween readers and older.  If you have any questions for Derek or wish to contact him, please send him an email at

Why I HATED the Super Bowl

DISCLAIMER: This opinion piece was written by Derek after binge eating chicken wings and staying up for nearly 24 hours straight watching Richard Sherman interviews. The following was pieced together via torn napkin pieces and tear stained paper plates. Unless … Continue reading

In Memoriam: The Dbacks 2013 Season

Ladies and gentlemen, we gather here today to mourn the loss of The Arizona Diamondbacks 2013 season. I know we have great sadness in our hearts. Much like the loss of a loved one, it’s hard to admit it’s over … Continue reading